Trun16 years Trial technical responsible near the company Gas Gas Italy by Claudio Favro, I was lucky enough to always work with great drivers from Lenzi, to Colley, to Maurino, Grattarola and Tournour.

I have worked in recent years to Gas Gas Factory in the World Championships with Gubian, Brown, Casales, Raga, Farré, Coquelin, Lampkin.

Now I work with my company alongside Team Spea Gas Gas Italy, TRRS Italia AXMoto and for suspensions with the Team Sembenini RedMoto Honda, as a technician with Gas Gas Factory and I deal with the Racing Service of Tech Suspension.


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About me

TrunAfter 16 years Trial technical responsible for Gas Gas, now I work with my company alongside the most important Teams and riders into Italian Championship and World Championship.


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